My name is Sarah Maio. I'm a military wife and photographer currently based out of Alamogordo, New Mexico. I grew up in Temecula CA, where I practiced photography for 8 years, and moved to Salt Lake City, where I attended the Universty of Utah, met my wife, and gained an additional 7 years in portrait, lifestyle, and wedding photography.

Totalling 15 years of experience in photography, I typically shoot with both a mirrorless Canon EOS R as well as a Fuji XT-4 to provide a contrast of smooth, well-lit photos and a vintage, film-era feel. I enjoy spending quality time with the post-processing edits to ensure unique, beautiful color and aesthetic touchups.

If you are newly engaged, soon to be married, a new mother, or looking to refresh the family pictures in your home, I'm always looking for an excuse to shoot photos! Please reach out to me through my Facebook or Instagram pages (@sarahmaiophotos) or contact me via email at for more information.

My Portfolio